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20 Signs of Cancer That Most Women Ignore

Research shows that cancer will affect 1 in every 3 women in their lifetime. And these numbers are expected to double by 2050.
cancer cell made in 3d software
cancer cell made in 3d software

It’s recommended you get tested regularly. You should also look out for common symptoms often ignored.

Here are 20 cancer signs you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Frequent fevers and infections: These are signs of leukemia – cancer in bone marrow and blood cells. Leukemia weakens the body and increases risk of infections.

2. Shortness of breath: If you experience wheezing or shortness of breath you may have lung cancer.

3. Chest pain or chronic cough: Coughing and chest pain can be signs of leukemia or lung cancer.

4. Trouble swallowing: This can be a sign of head or neck cancer. And an early sign of lung cancer.

5. Lumps on groin, neck and underarm: Lumps or growth of lymph nodes on these parts mean there’s a change in lymphatic system, and this can be a sign of cancer.

6. Blood not clotting: Leukemia affects the bloods ability to clot and transfer oxygen.

7. Loss of appetite and fullness: Women with ovarian cancer claim to lose appetite and feel full all the time.

8. Bloating: Research shows that bloating and abdominal discomfort can be a sign of ovarian cancer.

9. Fatigue and weakness: These two are signs of cancer if accompanied by most the symptoms mentioned here.

10. Blood in stool: Blood in stool and rectal bleeding are common signs colorectal cancer.

11. Pelvic pain: Pain in the pelvis can be a sign of ovarian cancer or leukemia.

12. Abrupt weight loss: Losing weight instantly could a sign of digestive cancers or cancer in the liver.

13. Frequent stomachaches: This can be a warning sign of colorectal cancer.

14. Changes in the nipple: If the nipple flattens or swells you may have breast cancer.

15. Moles: Moles that become bigger or change color can be a sign of skin cancer.

16. Excessive pain and bleeding between periods: You may have uterine cancer if any of these two happen to you.

17. Red or swollen breast: Unexplained pain or swelling on the breast could indicate breast cancer.

18. Pain in the lower right side: Pain in this area is one of the early signs of liver cancer.

19. Swollen face: You could have lung tumors if your face starts to swell and get puffy.

20. Changes in nails: Unexplained dots and streaks on the nails could mean skin cancer.

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