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Middle Class Mentality Of Top Heroine

Big eyed beauty Kajal Agarwal is known for her typical love towards remunerations. There were times where she signed a movie only when the pay packet is nearly 2 crores. Is there any connection between this demand and her desires?

“During my college days, my mom used to give me 3000 rupees for a month, but I used to spend it in a week. As my mom refused to give a penny more than that, I’ve learned to save money for total of 4 weeks rather spending it in a week. Even today I do follow that middle class mentality when it comes to saving money and spending wisely”, said Kajal, in a print media interview. What surprises us is, which ‘middle class’ family will give 3000 rupees as a pocket money for a month?

Anyway, probably the said ‘middle class’ mentality is coming into scene whenever Kajal wants to sign a movie. That’s why she’s asking for more so that she could save for the future.

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