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Remembering the Dragon: A tribute to martial arts legend Bruce Lee

If the Little Dragon, as he was identified, who stripped the martial arts of its shroud of secrecy and intrigue and whose physician in line with Lee lore (the folklore that surrounds Bruce Lee) informed him that he had the physique of an 18-yr-previous at 32, have been alive right this moment, he could be blowing out seventy six candles on his birthday cake, one suspects with the identical ease he blew away his opponents within the martial arts world.


There may be loads of Lee lore a lot actually, that generally, delusion coalesces with actuality making his life and his feats appear the stuff of faction (a mixture of truth and fiction) however, like Sensei (a Sensei is a instructor in Japanese) Hosi Batlivala, karate instructor says, “So good was Bruce Lee that he sounds supernatural. However, it was all true, he was the actual factor.”

Bruce Lee readies to ship his devastating cease aspect kick full with fearsome kiai

Batlivala claims that it was Bruce Lee’s film, Enter the Dragon that, “ignited younger minds and our bodies. Instantly, everyone needed to change into a Bruce Lee right here, the film was a catalyst for the martial arts growth in India.”

Batlivala provides, “The Bruce Lee one sees in motion pictures, a few of these strategies and actions could also be trick images however actually, even on celluloid one bought the impression that this man was lethal. Deadly, fast and particularly robust on fundamentals he was technically good.”

Honey lure

Bruce Lee devised a combating fashion referred to as Jeet Kune Do. Actually translated, it means the way in which of the intercepting fist. “Bruce Lee’s approach of preventing has not seen the identical reputation as karate and even judo maybe as a result of kids immediately need certificates, grades, ranks and belts (belts of various colors denote the rank in martial arts) and Bruce Lee by no means believed in any of that,” explains Batlivala.

Batlivala who travels to Japan sporadically, the place karate discovered a homeland, says that worldwide martial artistes nonetheless speak in regards to the superior Bruce Lee in conventional karate faculties, “on the Japanese island of Okinawa,” indicators off Batlivala, who believes that Bruce might have been killed by an actress who acted as a honey lure poisoning him, as a result of it was believed he had so many enemies.


Poison might have stilled the physique that had earned Bruce Lee the epithet of the fittest man on the earth however his spirit lives on from Okinawa in Japan to Andheri in Mumbai. Harish Kanchan, martial artiste says, “My era was vastly influenced by Lee. After we have been rising up and studying karate, Lee was at his peak,” remembers Kanchan who’s now a businessman.

The Andheri resident recounts, “I used to be significantly impressed with the way in which small-statured Lee may keep off opponents a lot greater than him due to his phenomenal velocity. When watching his films, observe his roundhouse (to the aspect of the face) kick – it was a bolt of lightning. Then in fact, was the shuffling facet kick, each signature Bruce Lee strikes, each to die for.”


Martial arts instructor, Sensei Yagness Shetty and his college students are giving Bruce Lee a novel 70-gun salute. Shetty and his younger college students pays homage to Lee by making, “a 70-foot wooden sculpture of Bruce Lee, which goes to be painted by college students,” says Shetty. The sculpture is to be put within the S M Shetty College corridor at Hiranandani Powai.

For Sensei Sandeep Salvi, worldwide karate referee, “Lee influenced me as a practising karateka I used to be impressed to proceed coaching regardless of the toughness and rigours of karate coaching once I began (a lot earlier than the Bruce Lee craze, in fact). I used to all the time say if he can overcome such odds and adversity, bodily and psychological, in his life why cannot I? Now, I inform my college students the identical, by no means hand over.

I inform them, “You’ve actually misplaced if you cease making an attempt to succeed. All different setbacks are classes in life. For those who study from them you haven’t misplaced.” Salvi says, “Bruce Lee’s philosophy, ‘to don’t have any limits as limits, to don’t have any model as fashion’. was his energy.” Aficionados will know that the seemingly esoteric assertion implies that Bruce Lee pressured that one ought to take what works in a avenue struggle, borrow from all preventing kinds and go for strikes which can be sensible not flashy.


Sensei Pervez B Mistry calls Bruce Lee a, “pure genius” and provides, “I’m fascinated by Bruce Lee and an enormous fan.” He was earlier than his time in some methods, says Mistry who provides that, “Lee was a thinker, he was a really deep particular person.

I nonetheless confer with his books and I keep in mind having met Linda Lee (Bruce Lee’s widow) with Ed Parker (martial artiste) within the US, in 2005.” For Sensei Rajesh Thakkar, “There was an explosion of numbers in karate class after Enter the Dragon launched in India. I keep in mind individuals coming in from Nasik, Surat to coach in karate within the metropolis.”

Loss of life

As quick as he shot to fame, Lee,was gone. It was Exit the Dragon in 1973, at 32 and the explanation of his loss of life continues to be debated to this present day.

In a kind of quite a few books on Lee, a closing paragraph says: ‘Within the purple mild district of Wanchai, a Hong Kong suburb, is a big poster of Lee and written in Chinese language characters is the easy message: ‘The Spirit of Lee Lives On…’ Wanchai’s transferring message rings true even at present, from a poster in Hong Kong to a sculpture on the Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, one can really feel Lee’s soul within the sweat and blood that drops to the ground in hundreds of martial arts coaching halls internationally.

A life, a dying
Bruce Lee was born on November 27, 1940 in San Francisco, California, USA. He died on July 20, 1973 in Hong Kong.
Start Title: Lee Jun Fan
Top: 5′ 7 ” (1.seventy one m)

Bruce Lee married Linda Lee within the Sixties. He had two youngsters – son, Brandon Lee and daughter, Shannon Lee. Brandon was killed in a freak accident on the units of The Crow (1994). Linda Lee and Shannon Lee stay within the USA.

Conspiracy theories
Plenty of theories that arose after his loss of life proceed to swirl, though the medical cause given was cerebral edema.

A few of these theories are: Bruce Lee was killed by poisoning by previous masters and monks who had been sad at what he did to the martial arts.

He died on account of overtraining, an exhausted physique couldn’t cope any longer.
His enemies poisoned him.
He died of an excessive amount of intercourse.

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