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Rewind: Lady who slapped sunitha

Glamorous singer Sunitha was a handful to her family as a kid it looks like. Her strong and bold behavior had her family on toes all the time. Once she pulled her Principals son by collar for cheating her in a game and was called into his office but she stood aplomb and spoke undeterred she shared.

Talking more about her childhood Sunitha shared the story of her aunt she felt offended by as a kid but now is full of love for. Her “Attha” had slapped Sunitha once when she was a kid out of concern for her well being she shares. Sunitha along with her sister went off to Sunitha’s friend and partner in Crime Sailaja’s house to watch TV. Panicked Sunitha’s family went on a frenzy search for her and her sister. At last  they located them and her aunt (Attha) gave her one tight slap for her irresponsible behavior.

Sunitha says she was then very offended by her aunt’s act but all is well now. In an other incident Sunitha irked by a cancelled tour plan in her school took off on her own along with Sailaja to Vijayawada and landed at her Grand parents’ place. Baffled grand parents of her’s escorted her and her friend back to their place revealed Sunitha of all he dare devil acts in school.

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